• Loans with crypto collaterals

    We are building the most advanced digital asset platform for secure lending with crypto collateral

  • Credit is the revolution, crypto is the spark

    We believe in the fundamental shift crypto brings to our financial life

  • Crypto as a service

    Unleash your customer's crypto without the burden of security, operative and regulatory oversight


The credit revolution

We are building the most advanced digital asset platform for secure lending with crypto collaterals

Instant loans

Give loans without scoring or credit analysis. Your customer just sets the crypto collateral in Aconcagua and it's ready to go!

Cryptographic security

The collateral is stored in Aconcagua smart contract vaults with multi-sig. No one can touch it until debt is fulfilled.

Liquidity by the trillions

A trillion market with liquidation in seconds to put aside delinquency & default.

What we do?

From the outside, the crypto space can appear fragmented and overcomplicated. Getting direct exposure can seem like a risk too high to bear.

Aconcagua changes that, giving institutions easy and efficient access to crypto collaterals, all from within the world's most advanced and proven security architecture.

  • Digital asset custody as it should be

    No central control. No hot wallets. Just specialized smart contracts on the world’s most advanced security architecture. Aconcagua is custody as it should be.

  • Customizable

    Easily customize Aconcagua to map to your preferences and organizational needs.

  • Auditable

    Transparent prove of existence of your customers fully-segregated assets.

  • Sophisticated monitoring

    Round-the-clock monitoring of multiple reference prices protects against outages and pricing anomalies.

  • Live line of credit tracking

    View your customer's lines of credit across desktop and mobile. Make decisions and take action in real time.

  • Regulatory & Compliance

    We take care of regulations so you don't have to be licensed.

The bridge between traditional finance and crypto

With Aconcagua unlock the full potential of your customer's digital assets holdings. Using digital assets as collateral for traditional loans or lines of credit allows you to gain a competitive advantage.

Financing for the future, today.

Simple. Intuitive.Powerful.

Customized vaults for each type of credit. 24/7 monitoring of exchange rates, prices and market fluctuations.

  • Easy to set up

    Registration in minutes, with access from your phone or laptop.

  • Stunning flexibility

    Vaults for credits, savings, guarantees or insurances.

  • Reliable and secure platform

    Cryptographic security with cold wallets and access protected with Google Firebase©.

Institutional blockchain

Vaults for credit, guarantees and insurance institutions. Find out how we can help you unlock all the blockchain potential in your organization.



Co-founder & CEO

Experienced financial entrepreneur.
10 years of Finance, Capital markets, collaterals & credit risk expertise.
3 years of government & regulations expertise.
Technology enthusiast & full stack developer.


Co-founder & CTO

Information technology Engineer.
20 years of data base & security expertise.
Blockchain enthusiast & Solidity developer.